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Orcs started a war against goblins because they are so small and weak. Goblins aren't the strongest so they have to be smart and that's what goblins are for sure! You and your friends are the best goblin crafters in the world so you started a weapon shop together to craft an end to this war! Smelt, mold, and forge your own weapons and send them out on the battlefield so your goblin warriors can fight!

Do you think you can win this war?! Gather your friends, 2-4 controllers and dive into the (small) shoes of the goblin crafters!

Sketch of Goblin forging a sword
Screen of Goblin Gearshop tutorial
Screen of Goblin Gearshop menu
Screen of Goblin Gearshop lobby
Screen of Goblin Gearshop multiplayer
Screen of Goblin Gearshop delivering
Screen of Goblin Gearshop victory
Sketch of weapon production process

Rock Paper Scissors
(with weapons)

The orcs change their weapons a lot. They have spears, swords and axes. To beat an orc, you need to craft a weapon that counters the weapon of the orcs! So pay attention to what the orcs are fighting with! SWORD, AXE, SPEAR... GO!

Sketch of Goblins working together


There is lots of work to do in the goblin gear shop so divide the tasks properly! There are more than 5 crafting machines and they all work in their own unique way. Learn the process and get even better than you already were!

sketch of Goblin in bathtub full of money


All crafting machines have their own unique skill check that you have to perform. Are you doing it perfectly? Then you will make the best weapon ever! Are you doing it terribly wrong and you're sending your trashy weapon to the battlefield? Then you're giving the orcs a big advantage. Work together for the best weapons!


In the presskit you will find descriptions, screenshots, art, videos and FAQ. You can download it here.